And We Are Not Blonde

Bear and Fishboy are on my laptop arguing over the color of a cell phone: red vs pink

Bear: Mom, look. What color is this?

Me: Red. Dark, crimson red. Probably why they called it Crimson.

Fishboy: See I told it wasn’t pink. You really are color blind.

Me: No, only men can be color blind.

Bear: Pfft you are so wrong Mom, what about Helen Keller?


Watching a family torn


Thought shared


  1. Macdougal

    Follow your “drems” bear, follow your “drems”. Maybe someday you will graduate from UCLA and become a “lawer”. Then you can go on to fight for the rights of color blind people like Helen Keller.

  2. bear

    screw you i hate youuuu

  3. I hope you were talking to your brother, bear,  and not me…Or I will have to whip out the mommy torture.

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