Not ripped from the headlines, but it did happen. Not to me.

(borrowed from Chris )

Let’s say you’re at a friend’s house in a strange part of town. You’re on your way out when you realize that you’re not 100% sure how to get back to the highway. A friend offers to lead you in his car. You take him up on it and tail him back to the highway.

Halfway through the trip, seemingly out of nowhere, a car passes, does a complete 360-degree turn, wildly out of control, and clips the front of your car. Your airbags don’t deploy and you realize quickly that you’re okay. Your friend having seen this transpire in his rear-view mirror, pulls off a hundred feet ahead. You jump out of your car, announcing to him that you’re fine. The driver of the out of control car does the same. The damage isn’t insignificant but it’s not terrible.

As you survey the damage and the other driver checks out his car, you pull out your cell phone and you call the police. After you hang up, the other driver walks over to you. “Listen, I have a problem. You called the police, right?” You reply that you did. “Look,” the driver responds, “I’ve been drinking. When the cops get here, they’re going to arrest me because it’ll be the third time. They’re going to lock me up. I’d like to call my wife if that’s okay.” And you tell him that, of course, it is.

Before too long, the driver’s wife arrives. She’s driving a mid-size SUV. She’s well-dressed, clearly a professional. Between the two cars and the looks of both, it’s clear they’re not filthy rich but neither are they destitute. When the wife arrives, she heads straight for the three of you.

“If the police come, they’re going to lock my husband up for a long time. I can’t live without my husband. I know what he did is wrong and it’s dangerous, but I’ll give you $5,000 in cash right now if you just tell the police that I was driving. We’re both covered by insurance and your car will be taken care of. I just can’t have my husband in jail.” And with that, she thrusts an envelope full of cash in your direction.

Do you take it?


Fear and Hope


It is the not-knowing that kills me


  1. Take the money. When the police get there tell them what really happend – including how they offered you $2000 to say the wife was driving.
    What are they gonna do? Say “nuh uh – it was $5k!”?
    he he he
    okay, I’m not really quite that mean. I would turn them in for the whole $5k of insurance fraud, but multiple DUIs are a real hot button issue with me.

  2. I would still call the police, this actually happened to me, but I accidently rearended someone going, 20mph, and they tried to get me to pay them $100, so they wouldn’t call the cops, like they were doing me a favor…they had been drinking. I guess they thought because I was young I would do it, well I got one ticket she got 3. Go figure.

  3. Hum, its a hard one. We are currently fighting with insurance over an accident we had. I wish he would have just offered us a chunk of money. I think the right thing to do would be to turn them in. I worry that he would do it again and hurt or maybe even kill someone.

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