Sunday Morning Funnies

I remember growing up as a kid, I could hardly wait for Sunday morning. My Dad read the paper and I got the funny paper. The cartoons were in color on Sunday, a vast improvement over the weekly, and there were always puzzles on the last page. I don’t get the newspaper anymore, because I am using the ‘Net to save a tree. But this little exchange was almost as fun as those old newspaper funnies. I had just told her I had to go, because I need to clean the house so the Realtor can show it:

NannyGoat: I’ll send Ladybug over to clean

Vixen: Oh yea, great idea

Vixen: cuz, early toddler clean really helps

Vixen:…helps make the house look like it was bombed

Vixen: bombed by the dirty fairy

NannyGoat: depends on what kinda look you are going for

NannyGoat: she designed our apartment in her own Feng Shui way

Vixen: Toddler Feng Shui?

NannyGoat: yes

Vixen: nifty

NannyGoat: it looks like a mess to the untrained eye but each toy is in mathematical placement to ease the body and soul

Vixen: strategic planning on her part I am sure

NannyGoat: yes very long planning

Vixen: or short planning, she is quick that way. So brilliant it only takes a moment to perfect her plan

NannyGoat: she is constantly arranging and re-arranging as well

Vixen: because moods ebb and flow

Vixen: and must be constantly accounted for

NannyGoat: right now she is adding bananas to the middle of the living room floor…brilliant placement…brilliant

Vixen: I can picture in my mind how well the banana color goes with your black couch…a striking choice

NannyGoat: extremely aesthetically pleasing

Vixen: and handy if she gets hungry later…form AND function


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  1. NannyGoat

    ABJJJW thought that was so funny she kicked. Too bad we can’t put that part of the conversation in there, lol.

  2. I really liked your blog!

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