The Pillar

I am the pillar

Of strength

And power

I am the one you look for

Standing firm and strong

When you are searching

I am there

I am the pillar

I look for you

When you don’t come or need

I wish to see those other times also

I stand alone

I am the pillar

That time corrodes

Moss grows and sand grinds

No caretaker for the pillar

It seems untouchable

I am the pillar

My strength ebbs and flows

With the gale winds that blow across me

Feel my roughness

Smooth my nicks

I am the pillar

Gazed upon, leaned upon

Does anyone notice when the pillar leans

Who will brace the weakness

So I may continue my calling



Moments of Hope


I wander, I soar, I float


  1. “Does anyone notice when the pillar leans”

    Love that line! You are a great poet, Vixen!

  2. you definately are the pillar in our family!

  3. My brain wasn’t wired properly – I just don’t get poetry – you gotta math problem I can solve for you?

  4. That was lovely!

    “Does anyone notice when the pillar leans”

    That was my favorite line.

  5. Sometimes, I have found, pillars need to squawk a bit to get a little TLC. Many times, they have to be self-renewing, self-healing, self-comforting. That is the lot of the pillar, methinks.

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