And exactly how do we teach our children not to live in fear, yet keep them safe?

I received a voice message this afternoon from my daughter’s high school. Below is the text. My question is how do I send my child to school, in light of the recent school tragedies, without fear and learning to live in an uncertain world? And how is security increased at this school if all the parents are there milling around? And doesn’t mentioning them wanting our kids in school on Monday more than once just make it sound like the district is mostly afraid of losing money for the kids being absent? Discuss and tell me what you think.

Good evening, this is Xxx Xxxxx, Superintendent of Xxxxxx Unified School District. As you may have heard, three of our secondary schools have recently discovered in student restrooms written threats of school violence. All cases were immediately reported to law enforcement, who in each case, determined these to not be credible threats. I want to assure parents that our first priority in Poway Schools is student safety. As part of that priority we communicated immediately with our parents regarding the threats at these schools.

We are doing everything within our power to ensure a safe learning environment for all of our student at all of our schools.
We are confident in law enforcement¡¦s assessment that the threats are not credible. With this said, we cannot take these threats lightly. Therefore, we have increased campus security and we have worked with the local police and Sheriff’s Department to provide a safe learning environment. Both law enforcement agencies have been extremely responsive in working with the district to provide a safe learning environment for our students. It is very important that Monday is a normal day so we can focus on the important task of teaching and learning. As part of our commitment to safety, we will continue to have increased campus security in our schools and we invite our parents to be on campus throughout next week to be assured and to provide additional adult presence. We are committed to apprehending the individual or individuals who perpetrated these acts. If you have any leads, please call our anonymous hotline at XXX XXX-XXXX. We are offering a reward. We need to teach our children not to live in fear, but rather how best to live in an uncertain world. We encourage our parents to send their children to school on Monday.

PS from Vixen: Our high school was on of the schools threatened. The note on the bathroom wall said “school shooting 2marrow”, so on a side note I want to know if they are still teaching spelling in high school?


Obsessed, I tell ya




  1. AT

    Jesus man.
    Gotta love the 21st century.

  2. Jane

    Hi Cali,

    Just got around to reading this great blog!!
    Good luck with the move and everything.
    I’m a teacher who has been through things like this. It sounds like they are trying to do the right thing.

    The only thing I don’t understand is inviting the parents to hang around campus all day. That is a security nightmare. How do you know who is a parent?

    In our district we tell the parents to stay away no matter what they hear on the news. We will call them when we are sure everything is all clear.

  3. Yeah, I’d have expected more comments on this, too! That was a scary thing to have to deal with.

    (btw, 2morrow is text spelling. Lovely thing, huh?)

    I’m curious to know, now, how it all turned out.

  4. Hey, I heard about this when it happened and remember thinking that it’s better to be safe then sorry and I privately hoped every parent would keep their child home from those schools.

    Re: Spelling – it’s just more and more obvious everyday what a great injustice our public school systems serve to our children.

  5. Do they lose money if kids don’t come to school? I thought they only lost money if kids were pulled out all together. I don’t think I would feel comfortable letting my child go to that school especially on the afore mentioned “2marrow.” In fact, I think we’d just have to take a mental health day that day. Especially after what happened at Virginia Tech!

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