Apropos of nothing

In my family I am known as the Queen of Sarcasm, just so ya know. In case there is confusion, let me restate: the following comment is dripping with sarcasm.

I am currently having the time of my life.

Just wanted the universe to know.


Do it for me, cuz I am one sad sack


LOST fans, prepare to laff ur arse off


  1. I just noticed that you have a category labeled ‘Craptastic.’ Just wanted to let you know, that’s great.

  2. Your Majesty: I am sorry. I would send you a computer hug, if only that were not the height of cheesiness. Oh, what the hell: ((HUGS))

  3. To you the Queen of Sarcasm, from me the Queen of Smart Ass.. Its a great kingdom isn’t it?

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