Let me begin by saying thank you. To those of you who left me comments and contacted personally, thank you. It meant the world to me. I have haunted many blogs for many years, but only got personally involved in the on-line community last fall. That involvement truly changed my life, it proved to me we do live in a good and decent world with people who care about each other, even if they have never met. It restored my faith in mankind.

So to pay it forward, so to speak, I want to share with you all some assviceadvice. Never mix business and family. Not a good idea. In fact, a very bad, bad, bad idea. No matter how desperate you are. Afraid of being homeless? Of living in your car? Do it, just do it. Hell, it can’t be that bad.

Unfortunately, I am a free-spirit, I do my own thing, and I ignore my own sense of reason. The good news is I have a place to live. It’s nice, my kids are very happy, my husband is happy and its cheap. The bad news is I have IM conversations like this:

Unnamed Relative: I am looking at this a strictly a business deal. I have rules, lots of rules. And they will all be obeyed.

Vixen: Ok, that is fine. I was looking at this as a business deal also.

Unnamed Relative: A business deal? And I thought I was finding a home for my niece.