Maybe we won’t be

I am on the internet looking at our MyFamily page calendar. I turn to Mr. Vixen and the following conversation ensues:

Me: Oh look, someone in our family is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in August.

*Blank stare as he thinks about this, hard*, I wait patiently.

Him: Yes, oh yes. That would be, ummmm.

Him: Well let’s see. Ummmm. Would it be….no. Oh, wait…no it couldn’t be your brother, he’s too young.

*I turn towards him, peering over the top of my glasses.* (It was so not the death glare).

Him: (in a very, very small voice) Hey, oh yea, that would be us.

Well, it will be if he lives that long.


Sweet Sixteen


Sweet Summertime


  1. So, this means you’ll get a Jumping Bean for your anniversary?

  2. Yes, dad will forget…but how would you like a small child for your anniversary?? Lol. jk.

    25 that’s one of them ‘bigguns’ like 10, 15, or 20 years! can you tell him he better have something REALLY special planned? i think we will have to enlist the help of the children again on this one.

  3. Giggle.

    My mother asked me the other day if Hubby and I had been married five years now. I told her yes, if we made it to September. Then I wondered aloud if we could get divorced that quickly… JUST KIDDING!

  4. Macdougal

    Ok, the fact that he sometimes calls me honey, and believes I was born in 1968, means that you should be happy that he remembers he’s even married.

  5. lil batty

    I agree with Macdougal, which should say something, since we never agree on anything.

  6. Shannon Durnin – These pictures are absolutely goe!orus!g! Love the lighting and clever shots! Can’t wait for the big day – so happy for you Brooke and Mike!! I agree, for sure an album cover!!

  7. Nathália comentou em 9 de julho de 2012 às 18:37. Adorei! É isso aí! E essa é uma pesquisa de publico alvo completa… Vou pegar como ensinamento para minha próxima pesquisa de publico para projetos de faculdade…

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