Mini recap whilst I should be working

I wanted to try bullets, just because I do. So I thought I would just recap some moments of life since I started this blog. Hopefully, the future will bring some new and exciting shit adventures into my life. But for now:

  • I moved. On short notice with three kids, a hubs and a ton of stuff. From 2,300 sq feet to about a total of 900 sq feet. 90% of my stuff is in a box in a shed.
  • I cried alot when my son did this video. Ok, so maybe I am still watching it daily and crying some more, whatev.
  • Umm, the move involved a “business” deal with family. There is no such thing. There is business and there is family and if the two run into each, well ya know it sucks. I am currently not speaking to one member of family involved. In fact, I have been childish enough to change my freaking AIM screen name so I don’t even have to know if they are online, pshhh the world’s oldest brat here.
  • The joints in both my fingers have been truly killing me for weeks. Which makes crocheting nearly impossible and that results in me being depressed. I went to the MD ’bout it and the good news is its not rheumatoid arthritis as I was thinking. The bad news is the inflammation is probably caused by the fact that apparentlymy diabetes is out of this world-outta control. I got meds for the inflammation and I am getting new meds for diabetes.
  • In spite of the fact that my diabetes is flagrantly playing outside the box, I have lost 8 pounds in the last two months. Stress is a fab weight loss program.
  • My Grandmother is responding to chemo (at age 85 yesterday, Happy Bday Great!) like “a 20 year old kid in the prime of health.” The docs expect full remission.
  • Jericho was cancelled. Jericho was saved. Yea!
  • I have no cable to watch any TV. And it “should” be available in 2-3 weeks. When ATT the ‘big’ phone company says so then it is sure to be 2-3  months years weeks.
  • I have no Internet access at home. HOWEVER, I have a working DSL line installed as of yesterday………the dam modem better arrive today.
  • The coyotes came across the creek into my yard yesterday, two of my tiny chihuahuas chased it, and Mr. Vixen found a scorpion and killed it. Me no likey. At all. No one told me there was scorpions. I hate scorpions. Scorpions and leeches. HATE. Unreasonable hate. Since I was a child. If I find a leech on the property, I am moving.
  • There are a bazillion beautiful birds on the property who sing to me morning and evening. It’s peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. A lovely new homestead.
  • One of the birds made a nest in my dryer vent. It won’t leave. We removed the nest several times. She just rebuilds. I have decided to co-exist.
  • Did I mention I have no Internet?
  • Or that I am currently stealing my time from my wonderful boss to post on this blog because I can’t control myself any longer?
  • I have not had a dream that Martin Lawrence appeared in since May 15th. That is a very good thing.
  • Ladybug really enjoys the property. She loves it. She runs and runs and plays all day long. It’s like heaven twice a week for her since the other 5 days are a little apartment. And all this diversity gives Nannygoat a chance to sit and relaxget the sh*t kicked outta her from the inside by the jumping bean.
  • My family rocks. And so does my internetty family. When I really needed positive thoughts, you all came through for me.
  • I think I am making this the longest list ever just in case I get home and there is no modem and I have to spend the entire weekend without Internet.
  • When I spell check this, it makes me capitolize internet. Like a proper name or something, huh.


Now if I can just get the TV installed so I can watch it




  1. I love bullets!

  2. You missed something. Watch out for flying trucks!

  3. Love taking photos. Love pretty much everything about it. I love to talk about it. I love to dream about it. I see the beautful inspiring shots online and wish I can be the one taking it. yeah, that’s my dream. PhotoGirlSarah

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