Sweet Summertime

I went out this morning to do some weeding at the new homestead. When I was done, I picked a bunch of these


And by noon they had become this:


Yumtastic. You are all drooling now, I know you are.


Maybe we won’t be


Happy Independence Day to All


  1. I really am.

  2. Aww man! I want! That is so cruel to show me yummy food when I’m trying to lose 30 pounds by Friday! I hope you enjoyed every delicious bite.

  3. Wow. Did it taste as good as it looks?!

  4. And you can feel oh-so-virtuous because they are loaded with vitamin C, especially freshly picked like that. So it’s not that it’s a drool-worthy dessert, it is just because it is so nutritious! You are a good person, you really are.

  5. Now I really want cobbler. Where can I find delicious berries like that? Farmer’s market? Maybe?

  6. i was drooling and i don’t even like blackberry cobbler! hee.

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