Thursday Thirteen #1

My first edition. Don’t be too annoyed….

Thirteen Things I Want To Do In The Next Six Months:

  1. Take the family to Disneyland (the submarine ride just re-opened and that was my favorite as a child).
  2. Go visit Great at the cabin (doubles as a vacation too).
  3. Finish sewing my first ever quilt.
  4. Complete the almost done crochet works: Great’s sweater, Bear’s shrug, Funsize’s afghan.
  5. Win the lottery.
  6. Host my first ever Barn Party at the new homestead.
  7. Go to the beach (it’s been way too long).
  8. Make Ladybug her first home-made costume for Halloween.
  9. Paint a picture.
  10. Get a better digital camera and start taking at least one picture everyday.
  11. Learn to write better posts.
  12. Win the lottery.
  13. Create an elaborate plan for spending the lottery winnings.

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  1. I want to win the lottery, too!! Learn to write better posts? Are you nuts; your posts are brilliant! I’m bookmarking you. 🙂

  2. How many have you done so far? Time’s running out!!! 😛

  3. Are you done? I should make a six month goal list too… oh too many things to do!

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