You can’t deny it…

I have seriously beautiful children and grandchild, just gaze upon my lovely Bear and LadyBug, she loves for Auntie Bear to SWING!

and now that I have blinded you with the beauties that are my blessings and miracles. I am going to remind you about Share A Square

Get on over there and join us. Kids make the world go round, so let’s all get together and make these kids feels special. If you can’t crochet, put up a button or two to help spread the word.


Share A Square


Thursday Thirteen #1


  1. Awwwww adorable!
    And hey, I can crochet – or at least I think I still can. I did a similar knit a square project in the past.

    BTW CSA= Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a farm that you buy shares in at the start of the season, then you get a portion of the produce every week. Ours is

  2. They ARE gorgeous. Wow!

  3. They are beautiful!!

    Oh man, it’s been a while since I’ve visited Shelly, now I wonder how her ShareASquare is going…

  4. Aww they are just adorable!

    I can’t crotchet (despite my Granny’s hours of trying to teach me) but one of my best friends can and I sent it to her. 😀

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