Happy Independence Day to All

So , I love me some 4th of July. I hate it when it falls on Wednesday. Then there are two Mondays in the week. It just sucks. But it is one of my most favorite holidays. I don’t know if it is just how I was raised or if I am just some misplaced, brain lacking dork, but I am seriously into American Pride.

When we do the Superbowl, its a huge deal at my house. No matter who is playing (tremendously better if it’s the Niners tho), we have a tradition surrounding the entire event. Sure there are the commercials to enjoy these days, but even before that we had tradition. I will have to agree that a lot of the tradition has to do with food, but its tradition all the same.

But one thing that I have always done (maybe as a kid I learned, but I don’t remember it and neither does my mom) is made my kids stand up during the National Anthem, remove hats if they were wearing them, and place their hands on their hearts. Yes, in our house….during the party, I make them all, guests included, get up off the couch. I don’t know why. Wait, of course I know why I do it, I just don’t know where it came from, but it is who I am. It is who I want my kids to be.

This morning we were flipping through our free some how ‘found’ limited cable access and at 7:30am, Mr. Vixen, found America TV (I have never seen this channel). They were doing all ‘American supportive’ videos (mostly country. Ok all country). Then the screen displayed the title/artist for the next song. It was Celine Dion/God Bless America. And, seriously, the first thought in my head – they come really fast in my head- was “what? a Canadian singing our song, how is that supposed to be cool (BTW, I am half Canadian….my Dad was born and raised there so shut up now). Anyway, before that thought could quite gel in my brain the first image of the video showed up. It was the Statue of Liberty. But there was a dark cloud of smoke to the right. It was dam early in the morning, on one of my favorite holidays so it took me a second to catch up. Then the video flipped to another scene. And, honestly, I gasped. And turned to Mr. Vixen and ground out, “oh Lord, its a 9/11 video.” I am sure many people have seen it. I am sure it’s old. But I was so stunned and astonished after 9/11, I tried not to watch too much tv about it. Mostly because I couldn’t stop crying. I did watch every documentary and movie. But not so much the music videos. So I had not seen this one. But I was touched. And moved. Not by Celine (and they could have left her out of the video with those stupid, supposedly soulful, looks into the camera lens), but moved again by the entire event, yet again. And reminded how patriotic everyone was after.

It was almost as if they had all been forced to attend one of my Superbowl parties (which also include much booze and fun, besides the tradition and food).

End result: This reminded me that I would like to thank all our heroes. Whether you be of the serving persuasion or those who support them. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, friends (HI CHRIS in Iraq!), contributors, detractors, or anyone who lives in America. Anyone who enjoys our freedoms, thank you. We are all better people for you being here and being a part of what makes America great….freedom.


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  1. Beautifully said, my dear!

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