A Glitch In Progress

Ladybug had a seizure last evening. It only lasted 45 seconds to one minute, but it freaked her parentals out. Mr. Vixen and I went over last night and stayed the night. I don’t know that we would actually wake up if she had a seizure (they are silent, these absence seizures), but it makes Nannygoat feel better. Which is one of my priorities, making my kids feel better. Especially pregnant ones.

Since our false alarm on Friday regarding the impending birth of JumpingBean, there hasn’t been much action. Or if there is, Nannygoat is not sharing. She feels embarrassed and says she will just wait until the baby is falling out before she goes back to the hospital. Ahh hormonal, stressed-out mothers-to-be, ya gotta love em. She has check with her OB tomorrow and scheduled induction on Thursday so we will see where it goes.

Not sure how many more nights I can spend away from home and on an air mattress. Feeling a bit old and stiff. Of course, its lovely to see Ladybug so much. She is quite the bundle of toddlerness!


Holy hole in the donut, Batman! I was awarded!




  1. From what I remember, wouldn’t it be pretty common for Ladybug to have a small seizure while they are trying to regulate her new medication?

    Email me your address and I’ll send you some pickles. Wrapped in a heckalotta bubble wrap.

  2. vixensden

    Yes, I expected more. She actually lasted longer than I thought. Obviously the exact dosing of medication for this kind of thing is trial and error. And as time goes on with growth spurts and such will have to be adjusted often I imagine.

    Yea! Pickles! You are awesome!

  3. Mar

    Your such a great mom and grandma. Ladybug will get used to her medication and they will get in under control. I hope it happens soon.

    (When I was pregnant with Noodle, I went to the hospital because I thought my water broke, turns out , so they say, she just dropped suddenly right on my bladder and well so that is all it was. Talk about feeling like a goof ball).

  4. It sounds like you are handling things so well. I can’t send you pickles ( the freight from NZ would be just too much!!) but I am sending lots of positive thoughts for you and your family. Someone once told me that trials are only sent to people who will be able to handle them and come out better at the other end.

  5. did i hear pickles? i’m down to the last jar my mother-in-law made me this summer. i need to learn to jar my own because, oh man, nothing beats homemade pickles.

    vixen, you hang in there. i am sure that nannygoat SO VERY appreciates you just being there. i know i couldn’t have gone through any pregnancy, labor, or delivery without my mom right there by my side.

    now go make her some spicy food and have her walk, walk, walk … maybe that will encourage labor. (there are some other means of starting labor we used but, um, i’d embarrass myself if i listed them here.)

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