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Things are heating up over here regarding the impending arrival of JumpingBean. Induction is scheduled for the 23rd, but I don’t believe she will wait that long. There are stress tests scheduled twice a week and the first one was Saturday. Jumpingbean was fine, but Nannygoat seems to be having some contractions. And last night the lovely mom-to-be lost her, well umm, this….. well, the….plug. We are not going go into detail because…well just because. And today? Well, today there are still contractions, but most amazingly Nannygoat is cleaning house. She hasn’t moved in the last 6 weeks except to eat and dispose of waste, so I am guessing this is that “last minute surge” of energy.

Thus, there is a chance I might get distracted from here in the next little while and because I might start crocheting baby things…I wanted to show you all I didn’t renege on my promise to get some squares done. I got these five done and with the six I already sent, well that only leaves 129 more to go.*sigh*

Go see Shelly and read all the updates and see if you can’t help out. Posting, crocheting, just passing the word helps!


Click here for more information on how you can make some little kid feel special:



We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program


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  1. Yeah for JumpingBean!! More cute pictures!! Nice job on the squares, I hope mine look that nice! HA HA!

  2. Nannygoat

    get it out!!!

  3. vixensden

    I am sure yours will look just as nice, as I know the lady who is making them! LOL

    I would, if I could. Believe me, I would. And please do not refer to the lovely JumpingBean as “it”, otherwise she could make your life miserable right now.

  4. Wow – how exciting! The last few weeks of pregnancy are so nerve-wracking! Best wishes!

    Your squares are beautiful. I wish I knew how to crochet!

  5. Thanks for stopping by!! This looks like a fun blog site!! Happy WW!!

  6. As much as you want that baby to come, it is a whole lot easier to take care of inside you–no midnight feedings, diaper changes, spit up. She will come when she’s ready!

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