Poor Shelly, she thinks she is cursed.. Here is what she said:

“You still don’t believe? Just ask Jessica the Rock Chick! She was sooo close to being able to plaster one of these pink A-listbadges on her blog. She had 462 Technorati links to her blog, and only needed 38 more to reach the A-List. I came along and decided to “help” by having a raffle to encourage people to link to her. I offered an easy way to WIN FABULOUS PRIZES. Tons of people linked to her, but it didn’t help. Technorati is taking away her links faster than she can get them, and now her links have dropped to 376! Dagnab Technorati! Dagnab curse!”

“Let’s rock The Rock Chick’s World! Send Life is RANTastic to the A-List.”rocktherockchick1.jpg