Official Internet Announcement

Effective immediately, the baby previously known as JumpingBean will now be known as……



But she is a very sweet little Butterball



Not Sure How This Will Affect My Writing


Epilepsy SUCKS (Nice title, huh?)


  1. Hi there Butterball! Nice to meet you.

  2. Welcome to the world Butterball.

  3. i was just telling hubs no more than 5 minutes ago how there are some simply ok looking babies (never ugly, though) despite all the polite-ness society expects (based on sitting behind one of the most glorious, beautiful newborn baby girls in church yesterday that had everyone in a burst of “oohs and ahhs”) but butterball is ONE BEAUTIFUL BABY!
    i confess that all these babies lately have given me a bit of baby fever. hee. wish i could hold you, butterball. and get my fix. give her chubby wittle hugs from me, vixen.

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