Thursday 13 #6

13 Things I Loved About My Grampa

  1. He had tons of fascinating stories. He lived a fascinating life. He was our go-to guy whenever we had a report due in school. From the dust bowl, to Pearl Harbor, to Merchant Marine life, to construction and everything in between.
  2. He loved his family. No matter what, he supported us.
  3. He was well-read. You could have great debates with him on almost any topic. He was always honest and trust worthy. He was worldly and wise.
  4. Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, when we were not expecting it, he would shoot a spoonful of mashed potatoes or peas or something across the table, yell FOOD FIGHT, and then dive under the table to hide. He then always told Grama it wasn’t him.
  5. When we were kids on Christmas Eve and we couldn’t sleep, he would sneak outside and throw pine-cones on the roof so we would think Santa had arrived. I believed it for a long time, until one night he did it and tripped down the stairs and broke his ankle. My mom had to wake me up to babysit the littler ones while they took him to the hospital. I figured it out while I was sitting there waiting for them to get back. Even a slow 12 year old could deduce it….otherwise why would he be out in the snow, down the front steps, at 2am on Christmas Eve?
  6. He was very predictable when he got older and crankier. To this day us older ones will holler at our kids “Turn down that music! What are you doing having an orgy out there?” or “Shut the door! You’re letting all the cold air in!” and then giggle. The younger kids think we are crazy.
  7. He painted ceramics when he got older and made us beautiful stuff. When we would go visit he would set up all my kids, even the small ones, with paints, brushes and ceramic ornaments and help them paint.
  8. He always had our backs. I was never afraid of anything if he was around.
  9. His example during the last years of his life taught me never to give up. He was a fighter. Seven times in SIX YEARS the doctors gave him 3 months tops to live. He wasn’t ready to go and so he didn’t.
  10. He is famous in many circles for the fact that he was always falling down hills, off porches, into lakes, down stairs, through sheet-rocked walls, off boats and he never, never spilled his beer. I mean never. It was simply amazing. He also never hurt himself (except that time when he broke is ankle). He would just hop up, hoist his beer in the air and say “It’s okay.” It makes for funny stories.
  11. He was the best Canasta partner in the world. He also was an expert at crossword puzzles.
  12. He loved Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! My two faves also. And we all could yell out the answers and it was alright with him. When someone particularly slow was on Wheel, he would yell at them like he was personally offended by their stupidity.
  13. He could build anything. To say he was handy would be an understatement. He was a carpenter for 60 years and he was good with wood.

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Yea, so I am stoked


Dear Love of my Life


  1. Makes me miss my Grandpa and my Dad. I’ll have to do a memory post about them sometime. Great Thursday Thirteen

  2. Mar

    My Grandpa loved Wheel of Fortune!! They went to the show one time and he met Vanna, and it was all he talked about for months and months.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather.

    #’s 1, 3 and 13 remind me so much of my grandpa it’s not even funny.

  4. Great list and a great tribute. Happy TT!

  5. I love your Grandpa! Never spilled his beer! Wheel o f Fortune! Oh, and having your back! This is a wonderful tribute. You made me laugh, and now I have to go cry! It was beautiful, and fills me with an ache for the old men (now gone) in my own life. Thank you for sharing your Grandpa with us! You were blessed. I’m betting that he was, too.

    Seriously, I gotta go cry.

  6. Your grandpa sounds like an absolutely fabulous guy! And so much fun!

  7. I miss him too! I love the ‘turn the music down! are you kids having an orgy?!’ one because Every time I go to the cabin now SOMEONE yells it. ; )

  8. He sounds like a great man.

    Happy TT13 πŸ˜›

  9. Your grandpa sounds awesome! I never had grandparents but I did get to see my parents be grandparents.

  10. Wow! What a great list, made me miss my grandparents even more. You were lucky with him!

  11. oh your gpa sounds awesome. Right before dinner mine would always yell, “Pass the tomatoes” even when there wasn’t none. Not sure why but it became a tradition for him.

    Happy tting.

  12. I used to play Canasta with my grandma. Haven’t played in years. It’s not a card game you hear much about these days.
    Your Grampa sounded like a wonderful person.
    Great TT

  13. I really enjoyed this one.

    Thanks for visiting my TT and the blogroll link too! πŸ™‚

    I have two TTs (13 experiences I’d never have had without a motorcycle)
    13 reasons to tell everyone about Markeroni

  14. What great memories of your grandpa. He sounds like an amazing person anyone would want in their life!

    thanks for visiting.

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