We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Hey Ya’ll! (I am talking in my fake Texan accent because I was just at Shelly’s site and I do that when I hear people talk with an accent). I am here to bug everyone about the Share A Square Program!

I am committed to making 140 squares, now I admit I have only done 6 so far, so today I am going to get going on some more. But Shelly needs your help too! She needs more squares from other people so each child will feel the live of more than 40 different people. I know it’s the end of summer and everyone is tired and busy, but please, please, please take a moment and whip up a few squares and mail them to Shelly. Her mailbox was empty yesterday!

If you can’t crochet, post a button or a note and let the world know about this fabulous idea! Tell your friends and family (maybe someone knows how to crochet and you don’t even know it!). Help us show those kids all the love in the world.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program (after you make a few squares and mail them to Shelly).

***Updated: Marlee is kind and caring enough to send some yarn, with notecards from herself and Noodle. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts. Anyone else want to help, shoot me or Shelly a note!***



Dear Love of my Life


In case I get distracted


  1. Mar

    I can’t even draw stick people, let alone crochet. Can I just send ya some yarn???

  2. vixensden

    Why yes Mar you can. But y’all also need to do a post about the program on your blog with a link to the site, so in case anyone who reads you crochets they can make some squares too. (Jeez am I demanding or what?)

    You send me the yarn and I will crochet them in your name and send them for you. Email me and I will give ya my address. I think you already have my email (if not shoot me one at vixensden1 at gmail dot com and I will write back on my ‘real’ addy.

    Thanks Mar!

  3. Macdougal

    if you say “ya” or “ya’ll” one more time, I’m disowning you.

  4. vixensden

    Y’all can’t disown me, you’re “My Golden Boy”, didn’t you read NannyGoats comment?

  5. I hate you both.

  6. Dude, Shelly rocks, and I need to do a post about her program, thanks for the reminder!!!

    I stopped by to let you know I posted the results of last weeks TT13 Food Edition. It’s up at http://anyapples.blogspot.com/ if you want to take a look šŸ˜›

  7. What an awesome idea! I saw the Share A Square button but I didn’t know it was for kids with cancer. I will get hookin’. Er, wait, that didn’t come out quite right. I will get crocheting!

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