Dooce ain’t got nothin’ on me

It’s true that she is hands down more talented a writer than I, she puts into words my 18 years as a non-Mormon in Utah exactly how I would have written it if I was that funny or creative all those years ago, she is the way I found out what the HEdoubletoothpicks a blog was and is the reason I am here. But I have to say, my kids would not stop harrassing me about how great Chuck is!!!! And since I currently own 7 dogs, I felt bad that none of my dogs could compare to CHUCK! So I worked long and hard and V O I L A………….A pumpkin on PUMPKIN (that is her name)




Wordless Wednesday-Fall Leaves


  1. You are a wonderful writer too! And I think Pumpkin deserves her props for her mad modeling skillz, yo. Take that, Chuck!

  2. HA! How long did that last.
    And I really enjoy your writing!

  3. Mar

    You are too funny, or have too much time on your hands. Lets go with the first!!

    I am too funny. I do not have enough time or hands.
    Guess I better come clean, I tasked the Bear and Fishboy with the job of getting a picture of Pumpkin with a pumpkin on her head. And I got bored watching after a while, but I hear it took quite some time 😛

  4. LOL. Poor Pumpkin….

  5. oh poor pumpkin!!!lol…what will Dooce say?:)

  6. Sooooooooooo cute. We’re getting a new kitten on Friday! I better start training him right away for tricks, eh?

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