Worse Than The Dentist

Me: Bear, I scheduled you a physical with the doctor.

Bear: A physical? What do they do for that?

Me: You know they check your eyes, ears, nose, reflexes….

Bear (with horrified look on her face): They are going to check my gag reflex??????????!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday Thirteen #12


Wordless Wednesday – Double Your Pleasure A)Seizure Free for 10 days and B)21st Bday love (they really do love each other)


  1. Mar

    Sorry Charlie, there is NO place worse than the dentist to me :).


  3. lol Wait till he finds out about the prostate check…

  4. vixensden

    Ha ha ha Mallory, I hope SHE never has to know, lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Did I hear the word dentist???? yikes!! Happy WW!

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