Bonus Day

This morning I got up and started getting ready. I became increasingly disturbed as I went about my routine. It appeared Fishboy was late also. His car was still here and class had started 45 minutes ago. Also as I glanced across the property I noticed Cousin Its car was still here. Why wasn’t he at work? And his friends car was here, didn’t that dude have a job? What was it with everyone. Continued on my routine, going through my clothes trying to find something to where. Why hadn’t I done any laundry yesterday?

All totalled I went on through this for nearly an hour. Suddenly I stopped in the middle of the room. Wait? Did I take Bear to ride Apache yesterday? What was the score on the football game? Why hadn’t AT done Sunday haiku? **lightbulb going off**

As I threw myself back into bed while wailing I am an idiot. Mr. Vixen says “Why are you up so early? It’s Sunday?!?!?!”

Good question.


I might need a hearing aide OR I am way too into Halloween


Unholy Inferno


  1. You would have been reallllllly early! I hope the rest of your day goes better.

  2. marmagoo

    I hate it when that happens.

  3. That is precious.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is like when I worked at the hospital and my shift started at 5:30AM and ended at 2PM.
    I came home and took a nap after work. when I woke up it was actually 6:45PM -of the same day, but i thought it was 6:45AM -of the next.
    I called my work freaked out, I told them I was sorry I was late but I had a family emergency: my husband had never come home from work the previous night!!! aaaaaah! I barely gave them a chance to take a breath before I hung up the phone and dialed you. After frantically asking you if he was there, or if he had called you, or if you knew anything about where he was; I thought, why does my mom sound so awake for it being 6:45 in the morning? And then it clicked. Sh*t. Now I have to call my work back and tell them I will be there, and I will not be late…tomorrow. I never heard the end of it from them, or you. Now I have got one on you! Thanks!

  5. Hehehe! I’ve had a few days like that.

  6. Bonus Day… How about today? I’m home today because the roads are closed going in to work… I hope you guys are all safe there!

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