If This Gets Posted, It will be a miracle

I am hanging off the backend of the Motel 6 second floor hotel balcony. I have had/lost/had/lost the connection a trillion times and there are entirely too many people watching me hold my laptop upside down and try to type stop and ask me what I am doing. Hotels don’t take animals, but for evacuees, this one does. I get the DISTINCT feeling this hotel does not get many guests, let alone English speaking ones.

The smoke and ash here has died down some in the last two hours, which is good. I can only keep Ladybug cooped up for so long before she goes insane and it is not good for little one to breath this stuff. Also, of the original 13 evacuees in my group all but the 2 month old, the 2.5 year old and the 7 year old are at each others throats and just about ready to kill each other. Even I, the matriarch, in the last 5 hours, have been ready to kill several of my family members.

Cousin It says he is going home to watch Survivor tomorrow no matter what. When he runs the police line, we are all going to just slip in after the cops go after him.

Hell, does not begin to describe what we have gone through. I have pics and stories that will entertain you all for years. Just wanted you all to know. I am here, where I don’t want to be. We are all ok, including the pets. Which, by the way, I have been requested to clarify….there are five dogs, one bird and no lizards…..its three geckos. Apparently, that is different.


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  1. Bos

    All you need is a disco ball.

    Glad to know you are doing alright. Let us know how we can help.

  2. sumgirl

    (i’d go back for survivor, too, but shhh!)

  3. jen

    glad nobody has been murdered…yet. hang in there. you guys are in my thoughts.

  4. Mar

    Hang in there, hopefully it won’t be much longer.

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