Unholy Inferno

We are safe right now. Nannygoat, Lloyd, Ladybug, and Butterball were evacuated this morning around 4:30am. It took her two hours to make the drive here (20 miles). We are currently watching and trying to stay awake from only having a few hours sleep. We have to stay vigilant as we are a little surrounding by fires in a high fire danger area.

Will update if anything new happens.

Oh yea, and like Frigga I got the day off work. If work is still there….


Bonus Day


Loss Of The House On Honeywater


  1. Thinking of you guys! Stay safe. You’re in my prayers too.

  2. Thinking of you up north in Portland.

  3. sumgirl

    praying hard over here. looks terrifying from what we see on the news. keep us posted.

  4. Hoping that you guys are okay. Wish I could send you some of our rain.

  5. Yes, me too: if work is still there. I think I’m more worried about still have a job than my apartment… 😎

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