And I went to the dentist today…all around? Not a good day


by: F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

    • AINT winds, and a song fading and leaves falling,
      Faint winds, and far away a fading laughter . . .
      And the rain and over the fields a voice calling . . .
      One gray blown cloud scurries and lifts above,
      Slides on the sun and flutters there to waft her
      Sisters on. The shadow of a dove
      Falls on the cote, the trees are filled with wings;
      And down the valley through the crying trees
      The body of the darker storm flies; brings
      With its new air the breath of sunken seas
      And slender tenuous thunder . . .
      But I wait . . .
      Wait for the mists and for the blacker rain–
      Heavier winds that stir the veil of fate,
      Happier winds that pile her hair;
      They tear me, teach me, strew the heavy air
      Upon me, winds that I know, and storm.
      There was a summer every rain was rare;
      There was a season every wind was warm . . .
      And now you pass me in the mist . . . your hair
      Rain-blown about you, damp lips curved once more
      In that wild irony, that gay despair
      That made you old when we have met before;
      Wraith-like you drift on out before the rain,
      Across the fields, blown with the stemless flowers,
      With your old hopes, dead leaves and loves again–
      Dim as a dream and wan with all old hours
      (Whispers will creep into the growing dark . . .
      Tumult will die over the trees)
      Now night
      Tears from her wetted breast the splattered blouse
      Of day, glides down the dreaming hills, tear-bright,
      To cover with her hair the eerie green . . .
      Love for the dusk . . . Love for the glistening after;
      Quiet the trees to their last tops . . . serene . . .
      Faint winds, and far away a fading laughter . . .


I know why


Wordless Wednesday – On this day in history (1999) DISNEYLAND!!


  1. Weeeeee! It seems to be lots fo fun… and scary too! LOL

    Happy WW!

  2. so much fun 🙂 happy WW

  3. I love the moments in History, even though Disneyland has not been on that history plan

  4. Hahah. Not quite as fun as the year before.

  5. Looks like good fun! Thanks for stopping by my site. Happy WW.

  6. oh, the photos are looking very funny. happy ww

  7. Funny – sorry about the dentist 😎

  8. Great pics! I love those shots they take on rides at Six Flags. The expressions on people’s faces are priceless!

    The dentist? Ack..yes, that can’t be a good day 🙂


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