November Is National Diabetes Awareness Month-Part Two and Three Revisted

It has come to my attention, via text message from MacD’s work that I inadvertantly omitted some important items of these parts of the story. One of them I swear I wrote, but reading back over them I an unable to see what happened to it…I should know better than to compose in wordpress itself, and stick to another program, save, copy and paste.

During that week and half, MacD began to feel better and became very bored. I had purchased a laptop for his graduation and gave it to him early. His adoration for Batman and Legos, known far and wide, had gifts of related items being delivered. He and I spent our days on the ‘net (via Netzero, no wifi then) and putting together intricate Lego Star Wars crafts. He dressed one day in a Batman outfit, complete with plastic gloves that shot rubber darts we shot at the bad nurses as they left the room.

Just before the second surgery, I had called the monsignor at our church. He said there was a priest from a church closer to the hospital that visited daily and he would have him stop by. I asked MacD if he would like him to stop by and he requested and received confession, communion and Last Rites, just in case. For those of you who don’t understand my faith (I don’t mean the Roman Catholic Church beliefs, but my own personal faith) know that this was a comfort to both of us.

On one particular day, a few days before we were discharged, Ladybug visited. At the time, she didn’t have any words, as she was only two months old. When we handed her to “Undle” with tubes coming out of his nose and looking peaked she made a sounded like “ugly”. He still hugged while we laughed and laughed.

Before he could be released, they required that he walk a certain amount of time each day. It was incredibly painful for him, as you can imagine. There was no way I could entice him to do it. Until his Dad thought of something. You see, MacD smoked cigarettes at the time (he has been quit now for almost two years) and he was “jonesing” for a smoke. So his Dad, said “Hey, MacD, if you walk around the floor enough times with your portable IV that the nurses feel comfortable with you going off the floor I will tell them you want to try other floors and we can sneak out down at the 2nd floor and smoke.” I know, I know probably not the best enticement, but it worked!

Back to the story a little later (probably tomorrow, as Ladybug just got here to visit!)…


November Is Diabetes Awareness Month-Part One


November Is Diabetes Awareness Month-Part Two


  1. Hi girl,

    Thanks for sharing… Someone in my family is diabetic, she was 18 when dx’d. I think it’s great to blog about it, it will help people be aware of the illness.

    There’s a surprise for you on my blog! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to read the rest!!! 🙂

    Come on finish the story!!!! 🙂

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