Sleepover At Grama’s

Tonight we had our first sleepover with both the girls. Nannygoat and Lloyd went off to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. Butterball was easy. Sleep, eat, smile. Repeat.

Ladybug was a bit more challenging labor intensive entertaining. She began with a chase around the barn and some slide time. Next she rolled around the entire barn three times. (good thing Papa had swept and blown it off). Dinner was the finest pizza $4.99 could buy and two Oreo cookies. After dinner there were toys to be dumped out of baskets and a dancing Dora The Explorer.

Then things took a frightening turn. The VCR viciously consumed not one, but four Blue’s Clues videos. This was a tragedy beyond belief. Dora would not cut it, Finding Nemo was useless, Lilo and Stitch was not acceptable, even Happy Feet was discarded. The tried and true Elmo? Not anymore. All she wanted was Blues Clues.

Drastic measures were required to make up for the lack of BC. I went with the old standard: Ladybug was given free reign in the kitchen cupboards. Her favorite was the colander (check out what can be done with it). It granted us nearly an hour of peace only rarely speckled with requests for Blues Clues. After she got bored with the lower cupboards she asked to be picked up and look in a higher cupboard. She found a bottle of Worcestshire Sauce and it was love at first site. Said bottle was hugged, kissed and cuddled. Strange child.

Luckily, Uncle MacDougal showed up and saved the night. He brought a Blues Clues DVD. All was right in the world.

At bedtime, I tried to get her to sleep in an old wooden port-a-crib we have had forever. Alas, the Ladybug is too big. She kept hanging over the edge and I was sure she would fall out and break her head. Mr. Vixen was already sleeping so I made an executive decision to let her sleep with us. Since I live in what is technically an RV, the bedroom is just like a very large playpen. She couldn’t open the pocket door and I put three body pillows on the floor around the bed. She spent nearly two hours in the pitch black getting on and off the bed. In a dramatic stage whisper, the entire time, she kept going up to Papa and saying “Pawpaw r ooo seeping?” or “Ah oh, its dawk, wha we gonna do?” to which I kept replying “We are going to go to sleep, like Papa.” Eventually she fell asleep and hogged the bed. Good thing I had that body pillow on the floor.

(Note: This post took three days to write because we were having so much fun playing in the dirt. Ladybug also began her horseshoe throwing training and she is a natural)



Thursday Thirteen #17


Heads Or Tails – TAILS – Any other word starting with the letter “V”


  1. I love the changes on your blog, the new look is cool!!! 🙂

    You have got such a cutie pie!!! 🙂 Have a great sunday!!!

  2. The kitchen cupboards are one of Coles favourite toys as well…. especially the one with all the tupperware!!

  3. Somebody gets so SPOILED at grama’s house…

  4. I love it when you write about Ladybug because it takes me right back to when Lili was a little girl. She is such an awesome little person!

  5. A colandar is a favorite at our house too. And the ring of measuring spoons…

  6. “wha we gonna do?” I love that.

  7. Sounds fun. Noodle loves going to Gramma and Boppa’s house.

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