Thursday Thirteen #17


Who went and made it Thursday AND November already? At this speed I will be 80 years old in two weeks. The world just needs to slow down and let me catch up.

Here is my contribution this week. We seemed to remember all the really important things when we were evacuated. Then we spent a several days unable to go home and we found:

Thirteen Things We Forgot To Take During The Evacuation

  1. Toothbrushes. Although some of us remember, many forgot. They all got all their medications and their dogs medications, but we had to go buy a bunch of toothbrushes.

  2. Hair brush. Only one of those came with us and only because it was already in somebody’s purse.

  3. Blow dryer. Doesn’t sound like something you need in an emergency? Well, if you can’t go home for 4-5 days and you have curly, crazy hair like mine then no matter how many showers you take you are going to look like a crazy evacuee. Which I did, for 5 days.

  4. Little dogs leashes. Since the little dogs travel in crates, we loaded them up first thing. The big dog was put on her leash and loaded up. No issue unless you end up staying in a strange place: then you really need a leash. Yet another purchase.

  5. Shoes. If you are 2 1/2 years old and your parents are freaking out because A) Its 4am and B) There is a fire headed towards you, chances are that your parents will remember your very important seizure medication but forget your shoes since you are in footed pajamas.

  6. Shampoo. Seriously, who thinks to evac shampoo? No one. Purchased.

  7. Dog food/water dish. Some of us remembered, but Cousin It discovered that unused ashtrays make great dishes for Miniature Pinchers

  8. The dogs’ bed. When we are stressed, our pets are stressed. They need comfort just like us. I probably didn’t have room in the car for their big bed, but it sure would have made them feel better. I did get an extra blanket from housekeeping, but it just wasn’t the same.

  9. Conditioner. This sort of goes along with #6, but is different in the way that is was more of a ‘comfort’ issue than a need. Let’s just say that if you are 16 years old, female and a stressed out evacuee rooming with a bunch of other stressed out evacuee…conditioner can become the most important issue on the face of the planet.

  10. Litter box. Its all fine and dandy that you remembered the cat (although you had to be reminded), the cat food and the cat litter….but where were we supposed to put the litter? Off to Target again.

  11. Cash. We are a debit card kind of family. And we actually ran across some gas stations that were “temporarily” only accepting cash. Personally, I think they were crooks, but what do I know? We took our business elsewhere.

  12. Toddler toys. You people just try and entertain a little kid with just your goofy face for days. Jumping on the motel bed only lasts so long.

  13. Xbox adapter. This is very much like #9 except it applies to bored, stressed out 21 year old son who evacuated his dog and his Xbox 360, in that order. To have the games and the TV and not use them?Pffft. Target you love us.

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  1. macdougal

    Damn hotel 6 and their channel 3 conspiracy!!!!!

  2. I could see myself evacuated and NEEDING everything except #13.

    Most of those get forgotten hen I go on vacation, most less evacuating.

  3. Thanks goodness everyone is alright! You are right though, I could easily forgtet all those things!

  4. lol, MacDougal’s comment. and number 9 for bear, so true.

  5. Isn’t it amazing all the things we depend on daily. When our power went off for 5 days last year in Washington we really suffered without our electric goodies…
    Are you back in and did you fair ok? Hope so…

  6. I was hanging with my sister who has pets – they had to go to the pet store to get basically everything too. They also forgot the shampoo & those bathroom items, lucky for them I totally remembered!!

    Happy TT (even though I’m not up today) πŸ˜›

  7. It wasn’t like you had any time to prepare. You’ve done a real public service with your post today. I will always remember how important it is to grab the XBox adapter before bolting away from a disaster.

    ps~ what’s XBox?

  8. We always always forget asthma inhaler and coats.


    All is okay now?

  9. I can only imagine having to evacuate with my family and our pets. Dear lord help me!

    Hope you all can go home soon.

    Here’s my TT:

  10. Thank goodness you were able to purchase the things you forgot. How much worse to be left lacking and with no funds.

    You only mention 5 days, so does that mean all is well now?

    (((Hopeful Hugs)))


  11. I can barely remember all the things I should take when I go on vacation, let alone if I had to evacuate! I’m glad you didn’t have to buy too much and everything is okay now.


  12. you are in my thoughts and prayers… ****hugs****

  13. Heads up: I posted the next Rockin’ With Frigga, you’re currently tied for 3rd place!! πŸ˜›

  14. What pressure! It amazes me you can remember so clearly what seems better forgotten! I admire your spirit.

  15. Wow—I am so glad you escaped safely! I couldn’t think straight (though I think I’d have put my cats in before anything else! Yes, and the hamster too). I am so sorry you went through all that—major, major stress.

    I will remember the litter and other advice.

  16. It goes to show that sometimes the most simple things are quickly forgotten when one’s on a rush.

  17. Yee haw. To have to deal with all of that on top of the stress of the fire… it almost makes you want to have a bag permanently packed, doesn’t it?

    Happy TT. Glad you’re safe!!

  18. # 11 would get me in trouble. I so rarely carry cash, which can get kind of embarrassing when I have to debit something that costs $.92.

  19. Is it bad that I laughed? When our house was struck by lightening the first three days were spent going back and forth between a 109 degree house (Mississippi in July) and the hotel. By the end I think everything but our mail was coming to the hotel every day.

    Glad you are safe. Now make another goofy face.


  20. As long as youre safe

  21. Lol, I remembered everything for the pets, including a tub of food and treats, and dog bowls, but I forgot about me. Thankfully MacDougal brought shower stuff, but we still forgot razors. And it wasn’t pleasant to be hairy and in a motel. And a hair straightener. And Sparkles only had one pair of boxers, which he was wearing, and socks. Man did he say they felt crusty, lol. It’s fun to look back on now though.

  22. It is just unimaginable being in that position, having to make those decisions. It makes me even more pissed when I hear rich white people say the Katrina victims should have been more prepared, their fault, etc. I bet it cost you a fortune to evacuate. May I just say that the world is SO MUCH BRIGHTER that you are in it? ((hugs))

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