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(my Heads Or Tails is below)

This post is beautiful, well-written and touching (and I am not just saying that because she is my baby). Go share 😉

Are you remembering to visit My 365 Project? Pictures, pictures, pictures. Oh and stories too.

I won a contest, but to be honest, I thought Jack Klugman was dead.

My husband is now sleeping with his head under the covers because he is afraid of me.

I must post this picture. It is simply the most adorable thing. I bet I could ask you for a million dollars and after gazing into Butterball’s Big Eyes there is no way you could refuse me.

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Edited to add: Now that you can’t resist my whims and are under the influence of those big eyes I have a question to the techies out there. Run over to my 365 project and tell HOW on earth did that font change on almost the entire page???????? I have the free wordpress so I can’t change CSS. Any Ideas? Great big thanks to Smarmoofus who helped me fix it! I can’t leave a comment on your website Smar (it won’t let me), but I really appreciate your help.


A Road Less Traveled


Wordless Wednesday – Figuring Out My Camera Finally


  1. Feel free to post adorable pictures like that at any time!

  2. I love that big eyed baby!

  3. Her eyes are sooo pretty!

  4. Regarding your 365project, did you delete a closing H tag somewhere on your page, causing it to not be closed so everything is in one of the h-size fonts? It certainly looks like it, as the WordPress stylesheets like to use negative font-spacing and large font-sizes in their H class fonts. Maybe?

  5. OH your photo is great ! I lvoe good baby close ups.
    I have a few posted on my Flickr page.

    Good luck with your design, I know nothing about WP.

  6. Awwww Those beautiful babies! Obviously beautiful eyes run in the family! That post made me cry my eyes out just so you know and had my little guy terribly concerned!

  7. Quit trying to steal my babies. Remember when you refer to them as your baby to add grand in front of them. You old woman. LOL jk.

  8. vixensden

    Umm, when I said “my baby” I was referring to the author of the post (i.e., you: my daughter a.k.a. my baby) and I was paying you a compliment about what a talented writer you are. Young dork.

  9. smarmoofus

    *smiles at the mother/daughter interaction* I’m gonna have to back vixen up here. I understood the relationships between the three of you.

    Vixen, I still don’t know that I was of that much help in your font crisis, but I’m glad it’s working. Meanwhile, I seem to have the posting problem sorted at my blog, as I’ve had new posts pop up in the last 24 hours. So all’s well that ends well.

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