Unconscious Mutterings


  1. Filthy :: Dirty, disgusting dog run
  2. Therapist :: I would have loved to become one, but I have too many of my own issues
  3. Duck :: I need to teach Ladybug how to play Duck, Duck, Goose
  4. Slant :: Uneven
  5. Artist :: Creating
  6. Lease :: Destitute
  7. Wish :: Unfulfilled
  8. Doormat :: What I feel like I am used as
  9. Global :: Peace needed
  10. Apartment :: Nannygoat’s home

New post up at my 365 Project too.


Thursday Thirteen #20


Heads Or Tails – HEADS: Mark


  1. you maybe will convert me to start doing this… 😉

  2. #7 I would have to say is both unfulfilled and fulfilled. Everyday I get some things and others I don’t. Then I remember that sometimes we have to be thankful for the unanswered prayers and wishes. God knows that sometimes what we want isn’t really what we need. But sometimes it is sometimes I want desperately and no one is LISTENING.

    Keep smiling.


  3. Cool list. Glad to hear you survived Thanksgiving 😉

  4. Number 2 made me laugh. I could write a book based on my issues…oh wait. 😉

  5. So what’s the story behind # 7 ?? 😛

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