I Am Actually Deep and Thoughtful

Sometimes I just can’t stop “being” even though I want to be creative and thought provoking and write, write, write. But “being” for me is impossible to ignore. I am what I am. And I am happiest being Mom/Grama.

So my thoughtful post for Friday is this….

Go see where I am hanging out

You should have all been hanging out there daily on your way home anyway. I just hate that I have to remind you over and over.


Thursday Thirteen #21


Humdrum Monday


  1. Now I’m distracted, see how little it takes? Ha ha. Also, IT’S SNOWING HERE!!! Big, fluffy flakes. Will write. OK, then. (click.)

  2. I’m following you.. i’m following you!!!!

  3. It snowed here yesterday too. My kids went outside with the puppies. It was so cute. Them sliding all over the snow like bambi on ice.


  4. I look every day. I don’t always comment, but I look!

  5. Uhhh…. I got error code 40somthing…. Did it snow and I missed it or something?

    Hey, Frigga its fixed now.
    No, it didn’t snow here, I am pretty sure that is something you would have noticed!

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