I have a dirty little secret

Do you want to know what mys secret is? Well, since I like  you guys just come over here and I will whisper it in your ear…

I have a spasming trapezious!

Isn’t that shameful? I did not give said trapezious permission to spasm. Ol’ trappy seems to be taking his instructions from the bus not my brain. Good news? I got drugs. Bad news? I can’t take them at work or drive.  Good news? It will get better. Bad news? Apparently it will get worse first, before it gets better.

Heading off to office holiday pizza party, then stopping by car repair place, then heading home so I can blog while under the influence!


Bus 1, MiniVans 2, Vixen 0


BUI (blogging under the influence)


  1. So sorry to hear about your neck. Hope the drugs are helpful and maybe a little fun…

  2. When you get back email me! You won the draw for a copy of Chasing Phoenix. 😀
    christine @ christinedabo.com

  3. Well that certianly sounds dirty… And I came over here to say shame on you for not thinking Christian Slater…. but if noone gets the right artist I’ll give you a point for the wrong one ;-0

  4. Having a pretty bad case of TMJ myself, I can totally empathize with your spasming trapezious..OUCH!!!

    Everytime mine hurts, I always tell the hubby to get Bon Jovi to give me a massage. I’m sure that would make it better. (never happens, of course!) LOL

    Hang in there!

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