Merry Christmas To Me

The battle extraordinaire between me and Jenn is heating up. She still has the lead and she has more internet friends than I, so I need all your votes. Head on over to Frigga‘s and VOTE FOR ME HERE

Love to All

Thursday Thirteen below.


Thursday Thirteen #23


Bus 1, MiniVans 2, Vixen 0


  1. Sue

    Gahhhhh I surfed over to Jenn’s TT first and already voted for her … *blushes* wishing you good lucks though! 🙂

  2. Well, you got my vote. I fear it’s a bit too little 😉

  3. Jane

    I voted for you! (Although to tell the truth I didn’t read all of those things) I sounds pretty crazy though!!

    In a total non sequiter…. I was thinking of you when I let my 14 year old invite her boyfriend over. I was scared out of my mind but then I thought about what a great family you have and I thought I can hang out with this boy and we ended up having a great time playing Wii.


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