OMG I Can’t Believe I Forgot To Tell You All!!!!!!

See what happens when your computer is dead and you are on vacation (thus not at work, where you should be working not blogging-ok I’ll be honest, I am at work and blogging. I was yesterday also)?

Remember that horrible news we got about Butterball’s hearing back at the beginning of the month? Well, she went for her follow up with the specialist and they performed a more invasive test (which included putting something into her ear canal) and Abbracadabra: She has perfect hearing in both ears. Possibly it was fluid in her ear still from birth (which the first doc said was impossible, but hey we all make mistakes right?

So hip, hip hooray! Now Butterball can hear all the stuff her big sister is running around screaming all day!!!


Thursday Thirteen #24


Deja Vu


  1. Mar

    What GREAT news!!

  2. Wonderful news! Nanny must be so relieved.

  3. I’m so happy! Oh mom, btw…I can’t get you on your cell so check myspace bulletins to see Ava try rice cereal for the first time and Kayla play at the park videos!

  4. jen

    good to hear! and now i’m off to chastise nannygoat for not keeping me updated as requested, lol!

  5. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! Awesome news!!

  6. Jane


  7. Hey, great post, very well written.

  8. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts – keep on blogging!

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