Harlekwin pointed me to this awesome sight. Bless her heart, she helped me spend two hours doing fun stuff instead of what I was supposed to get accomplished. I don’t know why the results make me as happy as a tick on a fat dog, it must be my scientific/mathematical mind. I was always best at math in school. Well here is my first attempt…I am sure there will be more. The first is the picture I took a few months ago, the second the result after vectorization. Wheeee!!! (you can click to see the full view, I think)
Wanna try it?
Here is the link: VectorMagic


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  1. It looks pretty…now I am scared to go there, because I don’t htink I have two hours to play today.

  2. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed new year, Vixen! See you in the new year!

  3. Cool! It’s most prettimous. Isn’t that site way too much fun? I’ve been using it to change some images I want to use for graphics later on.

    Have you thought about cropping the picture down to just the geraniums? That lipstick red is so powerful against the tree trunk. The green in the background is kind of distracting. If you crop it to the red against the gray it would be even more stunning.

    Thanks for sharing your vectorization adventures! Oh, and for the link too!

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