Inspiration 2007

I was quite surprised to find that Jos bestowed upon me the following award:
for my Wordless Wednesday efforts. So far I have been able to post only my own pictures for WW and share a bit of myself and stretch my creative juices.

In return, I would like to award this accolade to a couple of people who’s blogging efforts inspired me in 2007, my first year of blogging.

Mrs. Eaves at Camera Shy: She posts pictures every single day and they inspire me tremendously. If I could take one picture a week as well as she does every day, I would feel graced.

I would also award AT at AtomicTumor but I know he would never accept it, lol. But without his inspirational efforts I wouldn’t have had the guts to start my own.

Mishelle at SecretAgentMomma. She really inspires me with her self portraits. I keep working at it and someday if I get one half as nice, I will post it.

Sumgirl inspires me with her wit, humor and the loving, insightful and caring way she deals with her son Bubba’s differences. I can only hope I am able to address Ladybug’s newly found difficulties with the same amount of balance and intelligence.

WackyMommy‘s efforts to change her world; her activism, fearless outspokenness, and efforts to make her childrens’ world a better place make me want to stand up and fight in all the right ways. She is also funny and witty.

Mallory‘s struggles to do what is best for her family and still be the best daughter/caretaker in the world are inspiring. She succeeds so well as a mom and a daughter, it makes me proud she deems me worthy of her friendship.

Every single person on my blogroll to the right inspired me. Some of them already have the award, but I want you each to know: To get on the list you had to have inspired me and I appreciate each and every one of you. Without all you, I wouldn’t still be here.

Here’s to an inspirational and rewarding 2008.


Some Lovely Picture People


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  1. Awww! Thank you. I needed that 😉 Just got done with a 3 hour meeting that was intense but incredible — lots of good people in the room.

    We’re not in charge.


  2. Thank, Vixen! I have seriously been taking self portraits since I was my daughter’s age (8). My mom used to get so upset when she would buy a new roll of film, and it would be gone, only to find that Mishi had taken 3/4 of the roll in self portraits. LOL

    Digital’s made it really easy to do, too. It’s trying to do something different that is hard work.

    I will display this award proudly, and give it out in my next batch of awards!

  3. Ah shucks, Vixen – thank you! I’ll echo Wacky Mommy and say that I needed that.

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