Time For Somebody(s) To Collect

Remember a little while back when I ran that Pay It Forward post? Well I have completed the goodies. Three very lovely ladies Shelly, Marlee and Frigga will become the proud force owners of these lovely scarves I made just for them (modeled by the very lovely Bear):

However, before we commence with the mailing of the goodies I need them to email me their addresses AND make sure they posted their own Pay It Foward Post. I searched and searched, but was unable to find Shelly’s or Frigga’s so they will have to show me where they are? Marlee was a very quick study and posted way back on December 12th, but alas no one signed up?!?!?! What is up with that?


I Do Need To Get On With It Already




  1. elephantlady777

    I saw pay it forward on penelope anne’s site, and I signed up. I posted mine, and only 2 people signed up on mine. I think people are afraid to give out there addresses.

  2. elephantlady777

    Oh, and the scarves (scarf’s?) are beautiful!

  3. Girl, Bear is beautiful and the scarfs are awesomely cute!!!!


  4. I love your new layout!!!!

  5. Mar

    WooHoo!! I can hardly wait!! I’ll email you my address.

  6. WWHhhooooooHOoooooooo!! That’s very cool! Thank You!!

    Now how in the world did I miss this post? Okay, I’m off to email you my address šŸ™‚

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