Wordless Wednesday – Stone Gathering Moss


Dream Weaver




  1. Wow, cool pic.
    Happy WW.

  2. That’s a beautiful macro shot – very well captured. Happy WW!

  3. Very original picture !

  4. What a really cool picture! Happy WW!

  5. Beautiful – great color contrast!!

  6. Good one, Vixen. I guess it’s not rolling! ;-}

  7. Moss on a rock is so cool. It’s like a tiny forest. Nice photo. 🙂

  8. What a beautiful picture!

  9. Hey, that looks like my roof!

    Great ‘bokeh*’ in this shot, did you plan it?

    Happy WW!!

    *bokeh:: a term that says the foreground of a macro shot is out of focus, while the middle ground is in focus.

  10. I love this macro shot,.you did a great job on this..;)
    great shot.Happy WW!
    mine’s here

  11. that is awesome It always fascinates me that they look like little forests upclose

  12. Great macro! Happy WW

  13. Cool Picture for Wordless =)

  14. Beautiful shot. One of the research topics in the lab I work in uses moss as a system to understand evolution of plants.

    Or maybe that’s too much information?

    Thanks for your visit!

  15. Ellen

    Looks like my roof in Washington! 🙂

  16. I love that texture and the how the light plays on the moss. So pretty and calming!

  17. awesome micro detail- thanks for sharing

  18. Hi!Thanks for the visit at my blog.
    My prayers go for Alexa.

  19. I’m starting to feel like one of these. I only wish I looked good green!

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