Wordless Wednesday – The Happiest Place On Earth


HEADS – Old *OR* TAILS – New


Some Lovely Picture People


  1. Mar

    I wanna go!!

    Mar, I wanna go again!! Vix

  2. That was a happy day!

    It really was. I hope we can go again soon! Mum

  3. Oh I so love Disneyland! 😀 Happy WW~ mine is up too!


    I love it too Amy, but I don’t think I can compare to the love Ladybug developed for it. Vix

  4. What fun !

    Hi Jen. It was great fun.

  5. Great shot. I love the angle. I hope you had a lot of fun.

    Hey Jams, thanks. The angle is exactly why I decided to post it for WW. It is very different and not one I would usually see at all. You see, I developed sciatica just before this planned excursion. Once I arrived in Disneyland I discovered I couldn’t walk a foot, the pain was too excruciating. So this is taken while sitting in a wheelchair. Everything looked different from there! -Vix

  6. Never been there. Don’t want to. But it looks pretty 🙂 My WW will be up just as soon as T isn’t sound asleep, so I can find out where the picture I want to post is!!! I only do new, original ones we’ve taken 😀 Not that I don’t think you are anyone else does….oh heck…

    Have a good WW!!!

    I love Disneyland and its even better with kids, lol! I always post my own pictures for WW also. Maybe some day I will run out and have to re-think, but so far…all me. -Vix

  7. Great destination for vacation fun! Happy WW and thanks for your visit.

    Thank you Chris.

  8. The angle of that shot makes me a little happy.

    happy ww!

    Yes, me too. I was afraid at first I would miss everything (sitting in the wheelchair), but instead I got a whole new angle on the place and it was great!

  9. I’m glad you explained the angle of the shot above, and I hope your sciatica is better. That’s a dreadful thing to have (the sciatica, not the Disneyland visit).

    Thank you Bobbie, it is much better since I started physical therapy. But now that I have seen Disneyland from a different perspective, I am kinda glad it happened. -Vix

  10. Hi thanks for stopping by..This is a pretty good shot here..;)
    I did edit at CS2 just mix few things on it to create the look..I never used color accent on my camera, unfortunately I’m not really an expert on that lol..happy WW!

    Hi Liza, thanks so much for explaining how you got that soccer ball shot. I am always seeking knowledge I can play with. -Vix

  11. Nice pic, I loved it there! Thank you for taking us!!!!

    It was really my pleasure baby-girl. And I hope to do it again someday…sooner than 9 years!!!!

  12. I don’t mean to copy previous commentors but I DO love the angle. I know the park well and you have shown it in an exciting new way. Great capture.

    Thank you Robert, no problem with repeating what they said because it is true. It is very different from that angle. I got a couple of other shots from ‘down in the chair’ and they really show me the park in a new light. I am tempted to go back just for a picture taking trip from a wheelchair, but alas, it is too expensive. -Vix

  13. I would love to go there! Will be a while! I know my son would love it!

  14. I would love the chance to go there someday with my family. I’m sure my son would love it.

  15. I wanna go back. I worked at the Disneyland Hotel for five years, and that was the most fun I’ve had in all my life. Lots of fun times and memories. It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth.

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