I have been a renter for 10 years. To a complete stranger. I am not perfect, I have had issues and made mistakes. Still never in 10 years did she issue a Quit Or Pay order. In fact, to this day I owe her $4,000 in back rent, yet she knows my situation and knows I will pay her when I can (as I always have).

But family, they should know you, right? Especially the ones you have always been very close too. Who saved your husband’s life (emotionally/mentally) when I thought there was no hope. Asking me to be a part of something that I, obviously, might have reservations about (because in spite of the fact that we have been close my entire life) because her husband was in control. He who raped me and my sister. I thought I was forgiving. I thought it made no difference.

The truth is I didn’t have to pay rent at all since the day I had no toilet facilities. But I continued to do so. The truth is I give every penny I have to you for rent that I shouldn’t have to pay at all, legally. I am the idiot.

So, you have your son, who is a pawn but not free of guilt issue an order of 30 Quit. No reason. Not pay or quit. Just quit. In fact, you cut off the legal portion that is required by law to tell me why I have to quit the premises. I probably have more education in tenant/landlord law than you do, but since this has been an illegal rental all along it does not matter.

What matters is that I know. I know my rights and I know what is morally correct. And I love my family. This will not get back to them. Even if you let it, I will not defend myself or have any part of it. You have literally destroyed anything there was. I pity you and I pity your son, but mostly I pity your poor grandaughter who is very attached to us. She already has a divided family that hates each other, how sad to take away her auntie and her beloved Bear.

We will be gone in the 30 days. There is no way to go back from here. Even if it was a “scare tactic” there is no going on from here. Mr. Vixen and I have already prepared our tent. The kids are mostly big now, I only have to worry about Bear and I know where she can go for now. How do former homeowners who make too much money to qualify for aide end up homeless? Like this. 

I have only one warning for you: DO NOT talk about this to my mother (your sister) or my grandmother (your mother), because if you do….

The fires of hell will not compare to the rath you will feel.

 PS I am in the barn. And it is cold. So I have to go now. Rant over….life? not yet. I promise.


The Great Power Cord Debacle # 672


Yep, so ummm, I don't know


  1. If you were close to me, I’d offer you a room in my home. I wish I could do something to help.

  2. sweetheart, if you were closer to me, I’d offer you the room that i have that is not being used.

    I’m soo sorry to hear this. How fucking unfair.

    I wish I could do something else that send you my love and thoughts and prayers…

    ((((gentle hugs))))

  3. I don’t suppose you live in CA do you? Bah. I’ve been homeless and too middle class for the system to help. I’ve done that Motel6 round a few times because SoCal landlords like to rape their tenants and cry foul as if we’d done something wrong. It sucks. I’d help you if you lived nearby cause I know what it’s like to be down like that. Hope things start looking up for you Vix! *hugs* BTW, thanks for displaying the Marcus!

  4. Hugs to you Vixen….hang in there, ok?

  5. 🙁 I ‘m sorry that you are having such a rough time of things…I wish there was something I could do to help…I hope things are better soon…I don’t know if this means much to you, but my family will pray you get into a good situation ASAP…..

  6. So sorry just got back here again…I’m having a hard time understanding all this…but I do hope and pray for things to get better.

  7. My heart is with you, my prayers are with you, everything that can send you good is with you.

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