Never Have An Online Conversation With A One Handed Woman

My mom is sick. She developed CRPS earlier this week and was diagnosed with PPH a few months ago. She was doing ok with regards to the PPH until this week during the painful experience of CRPS and her oxygen sats went way down on Wednesday. The doctors put her on 24 hour continuous oxygen. I have been talking to her in the evenings and this morning I noticed she was on AIM (screen names changed to protect the innocent). This is how the conversation went (no worries she is okay and laughing at me as I type this):

vixen (10:10:04 AM): So how are you feeling this morning?

mom (10:12:26 AM): not great

vixen (10:12:38 AM): What’s up? Hand or breathing?

vixen (10:12:43 AM): Or everything?

mom (10:13:17 AM): yeah and a little nausous

vixen (10:13:32 AM): ugh

mom (10:14:16 AM): took a pill maybe it will help

vixen (10:14:32 AM): is it the meds that make you nauseous?

mom (10:14:52 AM): no onr nauseo

vixen (10:15:14 AM): huh?

mom (10:15:23 AM): one for

vixen (10:15:56 AM): but why are you nauseated? is it the pain meds or the fact that you are upset or that you can’t breath?

mom (10:16:55 AM): u bett call

mom (10:17:04 AM): er

vixen (10:17:22 AM): you want me to call the ER?

mom (10:17:34 AM): no me

vixen (10:17:53 AM): is dad there?

mom (10:17:59 AM): no

vixen (10:18:11 AM): I will call you an ambulance

mom (10:18:42 AM): no cant type call me

vixen (10:18:49 AM): oh ok, I see now, you want me to call you

mom (10:19:04 AM): duh

Seriously, I thought she wanted me to call the ER. It did strike me a little odd that she wanted me to call since I am 890 miles away and don’t know the number. Then when I got her on the phone she was laughing so hard and then she yells at me because I should know she can’t type well with only one hand.


The Fog Has Lifted


You Have Been Patient, So I Shall Reward Thee


  1. I was reading this and thinking that so many of my friends have had to have a few conversations like that with me. Some of my medicines make me rather foggy sometimes and I tend to lose words during a conversation. It’s at least interesting if not hilarious.

    I hope the phone call was much more productive. Hey just try the same meds she has to take and you should be able to have a perfect conversation between the two of you. =-)

    I hadn’t seen you around in a while and I had to check on my favorite commentor.

    Whisperings from the Wings

  2. I’m glad she is OK now.


  3. I’m so glad she didn’t need you to call the ambulance! I tend to panic and assume something is horribly wrong so that has colored my interpretation of conversations more than once!

  4. Hahahahahaha! Oh, gram. Maybe YOU TWO shouldn’t talk to eachother. Lol, at least on AIM.

  5. That’s funny, but I hope all is well…. 🙁

  6. oh, by the way..thanks for adding me to your blogroll! 🙂

  7. malinthemiddle

    So glad this one had a happy ending! Take care of yourselves. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for my mom. It means a lot!((hugs))

  8. Okay, that has me laughing too! 😀

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