Saturday Strategem

I know what needs to happen. I am just unable to make it happen right now. I will find another place to live (actually I already have, but without Mr. Vixen’s SSDI check I can’t get in or afford it for now, so that will be on hold but a constant hope). I have a few requirements:

  • A working toilet (or maybe 2)
  • Heat
  • Safe and adequate electricity (MacDougal was without power for two days and the off-the-record guy who did the temporary fix said it is wired wrong. They are not going to fix it, just demanded that he use less power. It is a fire hazard)
  • It will be a ‘legal’ rental, so that if there are issues I have recourse
  • A landlord/lady who is not related to me , most especially not one who is married to the reason my sister and I are survivors of child sexual abuse.

Not much to ask, I think, and all except the last one are required by law anyway.

In the meanwhile, how do I survive the stress? Increased stress directly affects my blood sugar levels and health issues directly affect my stress level. So I will concentrate on trying not to let myself get stressed out. I do that best with action. Physically I am not able to take on a second job right now. My dear friend Mal suggested making some of those hats and try to sell them. I think that is a great idea, they are fast, easy, and my mom brought me two oversized trash bags full of yarn at Thanksgiving from a friend who’s mother had passed away. I also have some other cute things I could try (maybe little dog sweaters or some baby sweaters if there is some baby yarn). That will keep me a little busy and make me feel like I am accomplishing something. Who knows maybe even I can make a buck or two to pay for copays.

Continue physical therapy and the home exercises she gave me. Yes this costs me $20 a week, but it is very worth it. Now I can sleep most nights or at least sleep more. I need it so I don’t miss anymore days off work without pay like last week. That really hurt the paycheck on Friday.

I found a bunch of sites for recipes of good food that are inexpensive and some ways to further stretch my food dollar. I tried for some TANF or Food Stamps, but I don’t qualify. Ha, ha I make too much money, sure right.

I am going to go out and just take some pictures. It stokes my creative juices, is free, and I enjoy editing them in GIMP. Someone (sorry I can’t remember who) told me to look up tutorials on Utube. That is awesome. Its like taking a free class. I can’t wait to try some stuff out.

So that is it for Saturday. Who knows what Sunday will bring.


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A Bit Of Advise


  1. Mar

    What about going to St. Vincent de Paul, I don’t think you have to qualify for anything there.

    I think hats and scarfs would be a great thing for you to make and sell. Save yourself the postage, and sell the one you made for me. You can make me one another time…

    I will do anything I can to help you!!

  2. Well, you are moving in a better direction.
    Do you have a Salvation Army facility near you? They can get you some food. We’ve had to do that.
    Selling the hats and such can be helpful, just if you do it online figure out postage exact, otherwise it can get costly. Learned that the hard way.
    I am praying for you sweets.

  3. The St-Vincent of Paul would help you. This also would be a great thing if it’s close to you.

    They could help with bills and utilities 🙂

    Thinking of you sweetie. 🙂

  4. Sunday will bring grandbabies! See you tomorrow!

  5. HUGS! I hope things get settled for you soon, hon.

  6. I will add you to our prayer list over at I have to tell you Vixen how incredible you are. Amazing, really.

    I have a yarn pattern book about making bears through knitting – interested? I’d be happy to send it to you and I bet you could sell those easy. Just shoot me an email.

  7. Vixen, i am Bad Blog Friend and haven’t checked in in a few days. Dang it!!! Drop me an e, I’m around.

    xxox and good thoughts from Portland, Ore.

  8. God help me, I put aside a whole afotenorn to figure this out.

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  13. That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

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  15. postscript: just to be clearer, St Gregory’s post was not specifically about Limbo, but about the fate of the unbaptized. The idea of Limbo was developed to meet the perceived need for a place in which the innocent unbaptized were neither punished, nor rewarded with the vision of God.

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