So those pictures I promised you of the eclipse? I did promise, didn’t I? At any rate, you have to go here to see the awesomeness for several reasons. You see her tripod is 2 times better than mine, her camera is three times better than mine, her talent is four times better than mine and her vision is five times better than mine (but, hey, she’ll get old someday too). I did, however, manage to capture 27 amazingly pure black photos of nothing but pure blackness before my batteries died. Quite good too, if you ask me. So go visit Nannygoat’s awesome recap of our eclipse evening.

The other day at Skittle’s Place I finally found out how to do those little lines in a post (above/below). Cool.

This morning I noticed I sent out an invoice to a customer in Slovenia with their company name wrong. The company is Geoservis and I sent it out Geocervix. I hope that translates better in Slovenian.

I need a place to live. It must accept dogs. It must be quick, before I lose my mind.

Everything I just said above is irrelevant. Until Mr. Vixen’s SSDI comes through I can’t do shit but wait and try to keep my kids and husband from hurting anyone. Most especially me.

I just had to add shit to my spell checker. Perfect.




Wooden (Left To His Own Devices XII)


  1. Mar

    Sometimes you just gotta say shit. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  2. LoL – adding shit to your spell checker could cause other spelling errors on invoices – that thought makes me giggle, sorry! :-0

    Good Luck on your house hunting – I dont get to have any pets πŸ™

    Happy Friday!! πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t get any photos of the eclipse either…couldn’t find my durn tripod. Well, there’s always next time.

  4. You are in my thought and in my prayers.


    PS: I visited Project mommy, the pictures were beautiful….

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