The Fog Has Lifted

Who knows how long it will last this time, but it is clear inside my mind today. Which means that a zillion strange thoughts are hamstering around inside my skull.


What was up with Johnny Fairplay on Survivor last night? Was he really that bad at the game he tricked himself out or did he really want to go home?


Yesterday at PT they did something new. Something with electrical impulses (not sure what it is really called) and last night I slept through the night! The pain did not wake me up at 3am. Can I get electrocuted daily? Could I take one of those machines home? If I did take one home, could I trust Mr. Vixen to not accidentally fry me?


Why do my sinuses take it so personally when the weather jumps from 39 to 79 in one 24 hour period?


Did Tom Petty sing Don’t Come Around Here No More during the Superbowl? Because I woke up with that song stuck in me head and I have no idea where it came from.


How can I win the lottery without purchasing a ticket? There must be a way. Someone must know how.


How badly would it mess up your tub drain if you took a long soak in pure lotion?


I Am Trying To Keep My Hope Alive


Never Have An Online Conversation With A One Handed Woman


  1. That’s my favorite Tom Petty song.
    I think there is a way to win the lottery without buying a ticket but I think you might end up in jail.
    Glad your pain is better!

  2. My mind was clear……………

  3. it’s called a “tinge unit” (the “electrical impulses” thing) and they can send you home with one and they do work.
    tsk, survivor. 😉

  4. The thing that’s been bothering me all day is How did that dang Dharma Polar Bear get all the way to Tunisia!!!

  5. Mar

    I totally didn’t get Jonny Fairplay either. My guess is they promised him a chunk of change for showing up so he took his money and ran.

  6. Suzanne

    No, sillies, it’s a TENS unit (not my caps):

  7. divinityjasmine

    oh, how i love being “electrocuted”! i looked into buying a machine once, they can get pretty pricey dang it.

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