The Great Power Cord Debacle # 672

Hey everyone, this is Vixen’s daughter Shannymar here to let you know that she is internet-less once more due to the total craptacity of the power cord to her laptop. (If you follow her blog regularly, then you know this isn’t the first or second time!)

She wanted me to let you know that she misses you terribly and is having Internet withdrawals, which I don’t doubt for a second otherwise she wouldn’t be calling me. I’m just waiting for the phone call in a couple of hours when she JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE and she makes me sign on to read her comments to her.

So leave her nice comments while she is gone about how much you miss her and about what an ASS her power cord is and how you would TOTALLY kick it’s butt if you saw it on the playground.


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  1. Awww. Po’ Vix! I is sowwy for you! Is it that kind of cord that plugs in from both sides? So that you can buy a new one? Or two? If it’s not, I still feel for you. I did the laptop thing for 2 years. Now, I love my desktop more because I can fix it or upgrade it or replace it myself. Hope you’re back online soon Vix! MUAH!

  2. I, too, would go crazy without my internet! I hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. Oh no! Vix, you must be so powerful that you are just too much for the cord to handle.

    Want me to print out the internet and mail it to you?

  4. No, computer?? *Starts to shake* Poor thing!!! I hope she survives!!!

    Umm…my two year old just pointed at your “happy valentine’s day! I (heart) your blog” picture and said “Happy Valentine’s Day”… Now I’m sure he didn’t read it. There must be another explanation but that was just a little unnerving!

  5. Mar

    Aww, poor Vix. Hope you get it fixed soon, I would totally meet you in a dark alley with your power cord and take it down.

  6. Don’t you wish we were at Disneyland right now?

  7. Smooch! Love you Vixen

  8. The terror of it all, no computer! You poor adorable thing you. You deserve a major break.
    Now your guest writer here she is good 🙂

  9. Awwwww!!! Poor poor Vixen!!! 🙁

  10. (((Internet Withdrawal Recovery Vibes)))

    We miss you too!


    Thanks for the update Shannymar :)l


  11. Awww, poor Mum. You can come over any time and use one of our 3 computers. 🙂

  12. I hope you are able to fix your problem soon…we miss you!

  13. Come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  14. That stinks, I hope she is back online soon.

  15. Vixen – come back!!! Rockin’ With Frigga just doesn’t seem right without you playing!!!!

  16. oh, I’m soo sorry vix. 🙁 How expensive is a new cord? 🙁

    Come back soon…

  17. Oh how well I know her pain. Mine was dead for two days last week and I thought I was coming unglued. The kitchen did get scrubbed to the core though =-). Tell her we are thinking of her.


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