Wordless Wednesday – Reflection and Inflorescence

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Thinking Too Hard


The Great Power Cord Debacle # 672


  1. Ann

    Lovely Photos! especially the flower. Thanks for visiting A Mother’s Minute. My picture there is of the eclipse we had last week. That was the best shot I could get after about 3 hours trying.

  2. Very great pictures!

    My WW is also posted. Check it out at:


  3. Amy

    That first picture is amazing! Wonderful job.

  4. That first picture is unbelievable. What a capture!

  5. both are great.. but that reflection actually made me cross eyed for a moment. Wow!

  6. Jen

    That top picture is one of the coolest photographs I have ever seen!!

  7. I love the reflection photo!

  8. I agree, both are great photos, but that reflection photo is amazing. Subtle, too.

  9. I hate to sound unoriginal, but I agree with the above comments: both are great photos, but the reflection is really special.

  10. Beautiful shots I ? both of them
    So colourful and clever.
    thanks for visiting me
    My Little Drummer boys

  11. I really like those photos!

  12. What beautiful shots. Happy WW

  13. I love both photos! Very relaxing…

  14. That first shot is so subtle! I love it. And the second reminds me there are such things as flowers in this world!

  15. I’m so totally impressed!

  16. The reflection shot shows just how far you have come with your photography! Great job, Vix! I’m proud of you.

    The second one makes me feel like maybe spring will come soon after all.

  17. I love the reflection in the first picture so beautiful….really makes me wish spring was here.
    Love the WW, my 2nd week doing this.

  18. The first photo is amazing shot! And the second one is so beautiful! Happy WW!

  19. Vixen you captured some gorgeous sites! Well done….

  20. The reflection photograph is amazing! Jennifer

  21. Exquisite – wow. Thx for sharing. And, thx for your visit. Happy WW.

  22. Wow, that puddle is very clear!! The flowers are beautiful, I really love those little “legs” coming out from the middle. Happy WW πŸ™‚

  23. Those are both gorgeous, but the puddle one is just insanely amazingly beautiful!

  24. Love it!!! ♥
    Thank you for visiting me too πŸ˜€

  25. Two great shots! Mahalo for sharing and Happy WW!

  26. edagowa

    Beautiful pictures. The top one is just spectacular.

    Happy WW! πŸ˜€

  27. Very pretty blooms! Happy WW!

  28. Wonderful shots of spring. Nice use of botanical terminology πŸ˜‰

  29. I love the reflection in the puddle…that is a great capture!

  30. The first photo is awesome! It is like an illusion; you aren’t sure what you are looking at! Thank you for visiting my WW.

  31. beautimous! and yes, that is a word.

  32. I finally did the meme…..thanks it was fun!

  33. Fantastic depth of field on the flower!! WOW!

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