Wordless Wednesday-"Spring has sprung!", said the bumble bee.





I'll Send An S.O.S. To The World


  1. Those are truly impressive. What kind of flower is that? Did you grow it?

    Dallas Daily Photo
    A Picture Tells

  2. Ah that’s beautiful! Happy WW

  3. Ah that’s beautiful! Happy WW

  4. skittles0366

    Oh how I wish it was so.. at least here. 🙂

  5. Love the photo and the caption! So smart, so witty!

  6. I have never seen crocuses this color. They are gorgeous.

  7. Fabulous shot. Happy WW!

  8. Love those so much!!!

  9. Not here it hasn’t…we are still very thoroughly buried under snow….wish we could have caught a picture of the pheasants in the yard yesterday, their color was so brillian on the snow white background….who knew those birds could move so fast on us.

  10. That’s a beautiful flower! I really miss them still over here…

    Happy WW!

  11. Very nice! I like it.

    Mine’s here

    Happy WW to you! 😀

  12. I am jealous! We are nowhere near spring yet. Bummer.

    Thanks for visiting my WW!

  13. gosh, I can almost smell those things! Lovely.

  14. I’ve been seeing lots of flowers this WW, as spring begins to appear, at least in some places…

  15. Amy

    I can’t wait for my bulbs to start coming up!
    Beautiful flower.

  16. sooo pretty i have dandelions

  17. That is so pretty! I need to get some bulbs planted this year, they are such a wonderful surprise when they pop up in the spring!

  18. Jen

    These are so very pretty!

  19. I wish Spring would sprung here!

  20. Great Job! So pretty!

  21. I love the picture it is amazing….

  22. Great minds think alike! The flowers are beautiful. Jen

  23. Where are those flowers? They’re so pretty!

  24. what a wonderful sight here in the middle (yes, middle) of winter!

  25. Spring is ALMOST here…just not quite yet in my neck of the woods. I’m so excited for it!

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