A Little Monday Farkle-ism Fun

The other night while Mr. Vixen and I were enjoying Jericho, Bear (who does not care for the show, but does think Skeet is sexyhawt) asked what time it was. I told her it was “quarter of ten.” To which she replies, “Ugh, so we have another 25 minutes of this show!” I said no, just 15 minutes. Then she says, “But a quarter is 25!”

I explained (whilst trying to control my giggles) that there are 100 cents in a dollar, so yes a quarter of a dollar is 25. However, there are only 60 minutes in an hour, so quarter of an hour is only 15 minutes. (Yes, she is a A-B grade junior in high school!).

Her response: “Sure, whatever.

Now why don’t all you sweet wonderful people run on over to Frigga’s and VOTE for me???? Mkaythanskverymuch


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  1. Ha Ha HA!!!!!

    I voted for you!

  2. I read your whole archives… 🙂

    Love you maybe even more!!!! Take care my friend!!!à


  3. Priceless! I love these kinds of kid stories. Mine never cease to amaze me either!

  4. I already voted for you!!!

  5. I was thrilled to vote for you.

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