Forgot To Mention – EDIT: Over-Positive Thoughts, LOL

EDIT: The surgery was postponed for two weeks. Mr Vixen had some little cuts on his knee from the move (gravel injury) and at the pre-op doc was sure they would be fine by surgery. Fast forward to today when we spend nearly three hours down there checking in, IV, leg prep and then…..Doc comes in and says. I thought those would be more healed by now. Scabs have infection. I am postponing your surgery for two weeks.

You know how sometimes life just slaps you in the face. You are startled and your cheek is stinging. You forget what is happening in your every day-to-day existence.

One of the reasons I was so panicked when we got that ‘notice’ was because I knew we had a very limited time to move. Not just because of the notice. I could have stayed there, made them fight for it, and taken my time finding a place. No the reason being twofold: I have a bad back AND I need Mr. Vixen to help move. Most of the stuff we had to put in storage are his tools. Large, heavy tools he used to make a living with. Emotionally he is not ready to give up and die. He may not be able to work right now, but parting with those things he spent the last 25 years building and using to build was just not in the cards.

So I knew I had to move and be done with it before today, only 24 days after our notice. Here is the part I forgot to mention…Mr. Vixen is having surgery today. It is not the full knee replacement he needs. They won’t do that yet. They want to try this first. This surgery will not solve any problems, it will just make the pain bearable. Just a hope of a less painful daily life. According to the expert sources (doctors), a knee replacement these days only lasts 15 years. Since Mr. V is only 46 they want to try and stave off the replacement until (they hope) it will last him the rest of his life or replacement surgery improves so greatly that they last longer.

So, I will be hanging out in the hospital today, if you are looking for me. It is a new surgery center I have not been to before so at least I will have a new place to explore! I am a bit sick of the local hospital and Children’s hospital. I have explored every nook and cranny of those places! If you can fit it in, keep the crotchety old man Mr. Vixen in your thoughts.

Happy Monday everyone! I will be back later and while caring for the crip sleepy, post-op man, I may be able to post some Easter pictures up at my photography blog!


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  1. Oh I hope this surgery does wonders for Mr. Vix!
    Many prayers of course.

  2. I’m sending happy thoughts your way, and hugs and prayers too!

  3. Prayers Mr.Vixen’s way…..

  4. Oh, I hope Mr. Vixen comes thru with flying colors! I have a chronic pain problem and I know how hard they are to deal with.

  5. Hope the procedure works out, I have had various done and it has not helped in the long run.
    Just remember hugs from me…

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