Holy Weekend

I got this in an email this morning. It made me feel better.

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did” When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence….. ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’

My plan for the weekend:

  • Get my grandmother’s mirror and sell the hot tub
  • Confession – for my sake. I have never needed it so badly
  • Coloring Eggs with all the kids (big and small)
  • Early mass
  • Presents for the kids (anyone got any ideas? It is tradition that it is something little and something for ‘springtime’ i.e., bubbles, badmitton set, etc)
  • Honeybaked ham, homemade potatoe salad (my mom’s special recipe)
  • Kicking back and enjoying the feeling that I have been liberated from an awful hell.


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  1. Mar

    Sounds alot like what my weekend is going to be

    How about Bocce ball? Its very fun and I think you can pick a set up for about $20.00.

  2. sounds like it’s gonna be a fun weekend! can’t wait to color eggs!

  3. Me and the kiddos just bought hubby a bocce ball set for his birthday. They have been playing it all day! It’s a nice springtimey outdoor game.

  4. I just noticed mar mentioned bocce ball. I paid $14 at wal-mart for hubby’s this morning.

  5. I like your e-mail. Think I’ll copy it so I can post it on my bulletin board to ponder. Thnaks.

  6. Yay for dying eggs! I boiled mine today, and we are going to attempt the dying of them tomorrow. I stopped by my best friend’s house earlier today to pick something up and her little girl who is about six months older than my little guy was happily dipping eggs in dye cups. It was freaking adorable! I just can’t see it going quite that well for us. hehehehe But we shall see.

  7. Hi sweetie,

    I went to confession on Wed’s night, it was good.

    I’m thinking of you, I prayed for you and yours at church Wed, yesterday and today.


  8. All three kiddos are getting Webkinz in their baskets. Cause I REALLY need to compete with computer time more than I do already.


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